Lubava Malinovaya

Besides spring water, high-quality grain spirit and sugar Lubava Malinovaya contains raspberry juice, honey, bilberry and cognac.

Of all 120 kinds of woody plant rubus only our red raspberry, with its sweet taste is good for "Lubava Malinovaya".



Alcoholic beverage. Sweet nastoyka

Certificate of Conformity 52192

Alcohol: 20% vol.

Size: O,5 le.

Sugar: 18,0/100 cm³

Produced since 2005.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, rectified "de Luxe" ethyl grain alcohol, sugar, raspberry water, bilberry water, cognac, natural honey. This beverage is a unique sweet nastoyka with low sugar content.

It has a delicate taste and intoxicating aroma of fresh ripe raspberry.


My brother has a good life — "rasluli malina".

Anton Chekhov


In Russian language there is a surprisingly interesting phrase "rasluli malina". It is used only with meanings of "a good life" and "free and joyful pastime". Malina is a Russian word for raspberry.


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