Spirit “De Luxe”

Spirit "De Luxe" is the basic ingredient of almost all vodkas, fruit liquors, nastoykas and balsams, which are produced by the "Alkon" distillery.

Spirit "De Luxe" is high-quality rectified ethyl grain spirit, which is made of wheat, barley and rye gathered from Russian Fields.

 The word "spirit" came from ancient word "spiritus", the meaning of which was "spirit of wine" (from Latin "spiritus vini"). Spirit is a transparent, volatile, highly inflammable liquid with a great ability to dissolve different substances and not to freeze even at a very low temperature.

The word "luxe" comes from the Latin word "luxus", which means luxury, magnificence, and splendor.


Vodkas "Posadskaya", "Veche", "Stoletnaya", "Alkon Medovaya", "Alkon Zolotaya", "Tisyatskaya", balsam "Drevnerussky", nastoyka "Novgorodskaya Yubileynaya", dessert cranberry liquor "Lada", semi-sweet nastoyka "Charodeyka", aperitif "Ganseysky", sweet nastoykas "Marfa Posadnitsa", "Novgorodochka", "Yaroslavna", fruit liquor "Yuryevskaya" contain rectified ethyl grain spirit "Extra".


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