Vodka “Spasskaya Hlebnaya”

Vodka "Spasskaya Hlebnaya" is made of the best grain spirit, rye dried crusts and pure spring water.

Rye dried crusts, which are made of black bread are the main ingredients of Vodka "Spasskaya Hlebnaya".


 Spasskaya TM

Alcoholic beverage

Certificate of Conformity 51355-99

Alcohol: 40% vol.

Size: O,5 le.

Produced since 2005.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, high-quality rectified ethyl grain spirit "de Luxe", rye dried crusts.


It is so bad, my friend, to live in Paris without a crust of a black bread...

From the letter, written by Sheremetyev to Pushkin

The third Spas (falls on the 29 of August) was called Nuts Spas or Grain Spas. It was called Nut Spas due to the fact that by this time nuts were usually ripe, and Grain Spas because it symbolized the end of the harvest-time.

This holiday was usually celebrated by baking a round loaf of new yield. In ancient times Russian people used to say "The Third Spas brought us bread".


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