Vodka “Sadko”

Vodka "Sadko" is prepared of the best grain spirit and pure spring water, to which we add fructose to make the beverage softer.

In the times of Catherine the Great this Vodka could be the most expensive alcohol beverage in the world. Fredric II, Gustav III of Sweden, Voltaire, Kant, Linnaeus and Goethe, who were connoisseurs of Vodka, would highly appreciate quality of Vodka "Sadko".



Alcoholic beverage

Certificate of Conformity 51355-99

Alcohol: 40% vol.

Size: O,7 le.

Produced since 1999.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, high-quality rectified "de Luxe" ethyl grain spirit.


Vodka "Sadko" which takes its place in many home bars, now has its own page in the internet http://www.sadko-vodka.com/collection/vodka/


Vodka "Sadko" was awarded with 5 golden medals, International ‘Grand Prize', and golden high-quality mark of XXI century in 2003.


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