To prepare origin Russian vodka you should follow four main rules:

1. Use only high-quality grain spirits, for which grains were gathered from Russian fields.
2. Use spring water from fresh reservoirs (springs, lakes and rivers).
3. Mix spirits and water in right proportions, in Russia it is 40 parts of spirits , 60 parts of water.
4. To apply age-old Russian technology of water cleaning (stones, birch coal, sand).

All these rules are followed by "Alkon" while producing its vodkas: "Alkon", "Alkon Zolotaya", "Alkon Medovaya", "Alkon Pertsovaya", "Veliky Novgorod", "Ministerskaya", "Novgorodskoye Veche", "Novgorodskaya Osobaya", "Posadskaya", "Sadko", "Spasskaya Classicheskaya", "Spasskaya Yablochnaya", "Spasskaya Hleblaya", "Spasskaya Medovaya", "Tisyatskaya".


The Art of Vodka Drinking

Vodka — is a ready for use beverage. But to really enjoy vodka you should drink it skillfully.

The temperature of vodka should be 8-10 ° C

It is not right to dilute vodka with water or to add ice in the shot.

You should sip vodka after a meal, and not belt it down before a meal.

Vodka better goes with dishes of Russian kitchen such as: meat jelly (studen'), herrings, sturgeon balyk, caviar, blini, pelmeni, shi, sauerkraut, salted food and pickles, especially with saffron milk cap.

The best dose for men is two shots with 50 grams of vodka; for women - one shot with 25 grams of vodka.

Only a competent person can really enjoy this beverage. I'm proud of vodka which we produce. All types of it are good and tasty.

The head of the filling department of "Alkon", Klavdia Osipova

People say that our Vodka is expensive. What I think is that it should be even more expensive as while preparing it we add there a part of our soul.

The head of the filling department of "Alkon", Klavdia Osipova

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