Balm to the Soul

Not every healer or herbalist dares to create such a beverage.

Balsam "Drevnerussky" is a miracle performed by man.
To be convinced in this you can try to make it yourself. It's not easy to pick up thirty kinds of different herbs, berries and roots, then wash them, dry, squeeze and draw,  to add than northern honey, needles of juniper and pine, mix everything with high-quality grain spirit and spring water and make a harmonious, balanced, soft, therapeutic beverage.


Alcoholic beverage

Certificate of Conformity R 52192-2003

Size: 0,1 le; 0,5 le

Alcohol: 40% vol.

Devised in 1994.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, rectified “Extra” ethyl grain alcohol, sugar, apple juice, cranberry, black ashberry, herbal potion (birch buds, tutsan, tormentil, mint, celery, melissa etc.), natural honey, natural mint, cowberry, raspberry, almond.

High-quality energy beverage with original aroma and flavor prepared of more than 30 different kinds of herbs and berries. The Balsam is recommended with tea, coffee, and mineral water. Due to its ingredients “Drevnerussky” Balsam has therapeutic features.





Balm to the soul, made with all our heart and soul.

Bobrishev Sergey Yurievich,
chairman of the board of directors of public corporation “Alkon”


For it’s uniqueness, high quality and therapeutic features balsam ‘Drevnerussky’ was awarded with 8 golden medals, International ‘Grand Prize’, honorable diplomas, golden and platinum high-quality marks.


Thirty flavors and aromas of cranberry, apples, cowberry, raspberry, black ashberry, almonds, tormentil, honey, birch buds, St. John's wort, Melissa, mint, haw, dill, coriander, caraway, black pepper, blue cornflower, chamomile, melilot, origan, juniper, pine, caramel, leaves of cowberry, raspberry, cherry, birch buds are combined in the best balsam of our country.


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