Alkon is an alcohol beverages manufactory, which has a reputation of a successful producer of pure vodkas, natural nastoykas, balsams, and even live water.

Every year Alkon manufactory prepares more than 100 tonnes of natural berries, herbs and roots which are used for producing more than 30 millions liters of excellent, high-quality Russian alcohol.

The official policy of Alkon Distillery

Alkon's traditions never allow mixing up live and dead products. According to these traditions artificial aromatizes and coloring agents are decidedly not accepted. On the contrary, vodka, fruit liqueurs, balsams and other strong drinks are carefully made of natural berries, herbs, roots, leaves and flowers, soft live water and high-rate grain alcohol. Just the way they were produced many centuries ago.


This high-power manufactory, which employs today 255 people, is located in Novgorod the Great and takes its history back to the year 1897.

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