Besides spring water, high-quality grain spirit and sugar Lubava Rabinivaya also contains cinnamon, black tea leafs red ashberry and cognac.

If thrushes and bullfinches start pecking ashberry, it means that berries are ripe and it is high time to pick up and store red clusters of ashberry for "Lubava Rabinivaya".



Alcoholic beverage. Sweet nastoyka

Certificate of Conformity 52192

Alcohol: 20% vol.

Size:  O,5 le.

Sugar: 18,0/100 cm³

Produced since 2005.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, rectified "de Luxe" ethyl grain alcohol, sugar, ashberry water, tree-years-old cognac, infusion of black tea leafs, infusion of cinnamon.

This beverage is a unique sweet nastoyka with low sugar content, a fresh sour -sweet taste and astringency, which is a characteristic feature of ashberry.


Our ashberry is not for your nose. Don't touch what is not yours.

Folk proverb


From ancient times branches and leafs of ashberry bushes are used to keep away evil forces, while its berries have only healthy effects.

More than that ashberries contain greater amount of vitamin C then lemon.


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