From alcohol storehouse to Alkon Manufactory

In spite of the fact that during the last 110 years our manufactory changed six names, over ten managers, survived during the revolution and two World Wars, we have been always producing only high-quality alcohol.

The manufactory itself (at those times it was called "state wine storehouse") was founded within the program of governmental wine monopoly in 1897 by the Novgorod merchant Ivan Korsakov. "The Storehouse" had been successfully producing Russian vodka by the times of the World War I. After that production and selling of vodka to the public was forbidden and the manufactory started producing spirits for the army needs.

In the middle of 1930-s the manufactory (Novgorod State Distillery, which was lately renamed into Novgorod Distillery № 5) together with other state manufactories was struggling against moonshiners by producing 20-percent and then 40-percent "Russian Vodka" the recipe of which during the Soviet times was considered to be the classified information.

In the beginning of the 1920-s the Manufactory (Novgorod Distillery №1) produced traditional grain wine — classical Russian vodka — 40- percent Vodka "Pshenichnaya". Since 1936 a new department of liquor beverages (Novgorod Alcohol Beverage Manufactory) was created.

In July 1941, several months before Novgorod was bombarded, the employees managed to produce 70 bottles of a legendary cocktail "Molotov" (antitank patrol bomb). After the War the Manufactory began to spread 40-percent vodka.

The wine storage and Wine department were opened in 1960-s.

In 1980-s the Manufactory began to turn out its own production. The first recipe of the company's original beverage, nastoyka "Novgorodskaya Yubileynaya", was devised in 1982 especially for the Date of 1125 th Anniversary of Novgorod.

In the year 1992 our manufactory got its status of public corporation and a new name "Alkon". Today the chairman of the board of directors of public corporation ‘Alkon' is Bobrishev Yuriy Ivanovich.

By the beginning of 2000 Alkon produced more then 40 original beverages, prepared according to the age-old recipes and created several trade brands ("Sadko", "Spasskaya", "Lubava Yagodny Miod").

Today "Alkon" is a successful Distillery, which annually produces more than 30 millions liters of excellent, high-quality Russian alcohol.


Alkon's Pride — original brand beverages

Release years

1982 — a recipe of the first original brand beverage Nastoyka "Novgorodskaya Yubileynaya" (produced since 1983)

1996 — Vodka "Posadskaya", Vodka "Novgorodskoe veche"

1997 — Vodka "Ministerskaya", Vodka "Novgorodskaya Stoletnaya"

1998 — Sweet nastoykas "Marfa Posadnitsa", "Yaroslavna", "Yuryevskaya", "Novgorodochka"

1999 — Gin "Alkon", Aperitif "Ganseysky", Vodka "Sadko"

2000 — Vodka "Alkon"

2002 Gin "Sadko", Balsam "Sadko" and Nastoyka "Sadko", Vodka "Tisyatskaya"

2003 — Water "Ilmenskaya"

2004 — Line of Vodkas "Alkon" - Zolotaya (Golden), Medovaya (Honey), Pertsovaya (Pepper); Nastoyka "Sadko Medovaya s Pertsem"

2005 — Family of Sweet Nastoykas "Lubava", Family of Vodkas "Spasskaya"


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