The main ingredients in this beverage are cowberry, bilberry, and tincture of leafs of cowberry, cranberry, bilberry, peppermint; the minor ones are spring water, high quality grain alcohol, sugar and cognac.



Alcoholic beverage. Sweet nastoyka

Certificate of Conformity 52192

Alcohol: 20% vol.

Size: O,5 le.

Sugar: 16,0/100 cm³

Produced since 2005.

Ingredients: specially prepared drinking water, rectified "de Luxe" ethyl grain alcohol, sugar, cowberry water, bilberry water, three-year-old cognac, tincture of herbal remedy (peppermint, leafs of cowberry, cranberry, bilberry).

This beverage is a unique sweet nastoyka with low sugar content, in which variety of herbal ingredients tinges sour-sweet taste and delicate aroma of cowberry.


Bright red fruits of cranberries are usually used for preparing berry drinks, wetting, jam, kvass, and extractions. The decoction of evergreen leafs of is a good cure for rheumatism. "Lyubava Brusnichnaya" contains both berries and leafs of this bush.


Its scarlet color "Lyubava Brusnichnaya" owes brusovka (fresh juice of cowberries).


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